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Dana Micheli is a freelance ghostwriter, copy editor and book doctor. She has written and edited numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, including novels, memoirs, and news articles, as well as resumes and business/marketing documents. Her most recent ghostwriting projects include a book on Wills and Estate Planning and a memoir on the role of childhood trauma in the development of Bipolar Disorder. While she works with a wide variety of genres, she most often takes projects of a spiritual nature, from books about mediums to metaphysical fiction. She also regularly appears on the Aspects of Writing radio show, hosted by James Kelley.

Before pursuing her writing career full-time, Dana worked as a Systems Advocate for the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence, where she lobbied state and federal politicians on behalf of victims of abuse. She also served as the Manager of PR/Communications for The New York Women's Foundation, where she was responsible for writing press releases and articles for the website, organizing events, and liaising with the media. In addition, she has worked for several media outlets, writing and researching legal, political and human interest stories for print, online and television. In late 2010, she began working for WITS founder Yvonne Perry after reading one of Yvonne's books.

Dana has a B.A. in English from Southern Connecticut State University and a Juris Doctor from New York Law School. She lives in New York City.

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Cindi Brown is a versatile writer and editor and a lifelong resident of Nashville. She received her BA in English and Religious Studies from Vanderbilt University, where she edited Slightly Amusing, the campus humor magazine. 

Since graduating, Cindi has written for print and electronic media, as well as radio and television. She has worked as a news producer at WKRN News 2, a stringer for States News Service, and an item/passage writer for large-scale academic assessments. She is currently at work on a grant-funded project to create a year-long curriculum exploring the sacred texts of the world's major religions. 

When not engaging in professional writing pursuits, Cindi enjoys blogging about spirituality and personality psychology (www.enneagramagency.blogspot.com), judging mystery novel contests, and tinkering with her own science fiction novel-in-progress.

Cindi is comfortable working in a variety of genres and mediums and is happy to provide clients with audio transcription, editing, manuscript critiques, copy editing, and ghostwriting services as needed.  

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Ghostwriters and Editors

Meet the team of creative writing professionals known as Writers in the Sky. Our alliance includes ghostwriters, business writers, copy editors, proofreaders and book marketers, as well manuscript development assistants, a children's manuscript critic, a writing instructor and a virtual assistant.

Contracted independently, the multi-talented members of this group have distinct backgrounds and a wide variety of experience that allows them to specialize in writing, editing and proofreading for all genres.

Because our team works in collaboration with one another, we are able to produce a high-quality product with prompt turnaround on just about any type of writing, editing or book marketing projects.

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Serving as the virtual administrative assistant to the WITS team is Tennessee native Katie Perry, who now lives and works remotely from the Charleston, South Carolina area. She is responsible for much of the online distribution of articles, media releases, podcast guest info, blog posts, blog tours and social marketing pieces written by our network members. 

Reporting directly to WITS owner Dana Micheli, Katie is in charge of putting together each issue of the WITS Newsletter. 

She is also available to work with clients who need a virtual assistant on a per-project basis. 

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As a published writer and long-time member of several critique groups, Rachelle Burk has critiqued literally hundreds of manuscripts. Many have gone on to publication. She also served for three years as a creative writing critic for a teen arts festival. She specializes in offering manuscript evaluations for children's and teens' literature, including fiction, nonfiction and rhyming stories. 

Rachelle's fiction, nonfiction and poetry for children have appeared in national magazines such as Highlights, Scholastic Scope, and Pockets. She is the author of Tree House in a Storm, a picture book published by Stemmer House Publishers (2009). Her nonfiction story, "Blind Ambition", was awarded the Highlights Magazine Author of the Month Award in January 2009.

Ms. Burk provides feedback on formatting, choice of title, target age range, length, opening paragraph and conclusion, dialogue, believability, character development, voice, rhyme, and meter (if applicable), illustrations (if applicable), as well as line-by-line comments within the text, including feedback about grammar, word choices, sentence length, and structure for children's books. Read more.

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Editor, ghostwriter, developmental editor and proofreader Deborah Wilbrink specializes in the genres of memoir and history. Whether a personal memoir or history of a family, business, church or community, Deborah can manage your book project from conception to your eager readers' hands!

Deborah offers private or group lessons in creative and academic writing, with an emphasis on originality. She has written four grants for non-profits, all of which were granted; and she appropriately monitored and reported to the grantors for the grantees. "For a successful grant, not only must one clearly meet requirements; but one must also network strong partners and gather significant endorsement," she advises.

Deborah's first works were a graphic novel she wrote at the age of nine and a poem, "Beauties of the Earth", which was published the same year. A degree in Journalism and Film from the University of Georgia led to work at CNN, and to writing Ad Club award-winning commercials and corporate videos. She also won awards from the Associate Press and the Phoenix Press Club. Even overseas, in 2000, Deborah was acclaimed for her writing and received a special scholarship to Oxford University in England. 

Since moving to Nashville, Deborah has written reviews and feature about Americana, bluegrass, folk and blues music; and taught creative writing to both teens and senior citizens. One of the few nationally certified high school English teachers, Deborah has perfect or 99th percentile scores on national English test. She's honored by her first place award for "Murder Ballads: Analysis and Composition" from the Foundation for Bluegrass music. 

Deborah gives public presentations and teaches classes about memoir, family history, and creative writing through her business, Perfect Memoirs. Fascinated by the play and story of humanity, she is ready to assist you in its telling. If you are longing for specific lessons, or if you need your grant strengthened, ask Deborah. When you need a ghostwriter, developmental editor, or proofreader with history news, film, non-profit, or business background, ask for Deborah. Her versatility will bring you more riveted readers!

Megan Pacella's wide range of expertise and skills includes writing and editing human interest stories, history features, music news and reviews, business content, healthcare content, and healthy living tips. 

Megan's first paying writing gig was manning the writing center at Lipscomb University from 2006 to 2007. There, she worked evenings tutoring individual students to become better writers. It didn't take long for her to realize two things: she loved improving manuscripts, and she had a knack for it. 

After graduating with a B.A. in English from Lipscomb University, Megan immediately started working for Hammock., Inc, a custom content firm in Nashville, Tennessee. For three years, she helped manage three magazines: MyBusiness, American Spirit, and Soldier and Family Foundations. In that time, Megan rose through the ranks from editorial assistant, to assistant editor, to managing editor. 

In 2010, she moved on to Creek Content, a content strategy firm that focuses on improving content for healthcare companies. There, she works on curating and improving healthcare content related to exercise, tobacco cessation, appointment, adherence, and depression prevention. She also writes and edits a bi-annual newsletter for Vanderbilt Orthopedics. 

Today, Megan splits her time writing and editing music, healthcare, business, history, and human interest content. Yes, that's a lot of different hats to wear! And she wears each of them well. You can follow Megan's current work and adventures at Megan_Writes.com

Whether you need a friendly editor who will guide you through the process of improving your work, or you need a ghostwriter who will work tirelessly to nail down the tone and scope of your work, ask for Megan

Thomas Hill is a ghostwriter, editor, and book production specialist who has been working publishing for the last ten years. For the last four years he has assisted over 50 self-publishing authors in developing, editing, and producing print-ready publications. He has published four books, including his first suspense novel, Warrior's Son, which received a Readers Favorite Award in 2011. 

A native of the Washington D.C. area, Thomas began his career in publication composition, design and production in 2000 and has worked for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the University of Virginia Press, the American Staffing Association, and the Computer Sciences Corporation in creative and editing departments. In 2006, he became a copy editor and proofreader in Rowan & Littlefield Publishing Group, where he worked on academic and nonfiction titles.

Among the assignments Thomas finds the most pleasurable are ones that require a great deal of research and thought--ones that take a great deal of time and energy to produce. Because he began his career in scholarly publishing, he tends to take a research-based approach to creating content while working in developmental editing roles. Character development for novels, research necessary to create a plot or write a nonfiction title, one-on-one developmental editing, and manuscript coaching: those are his strong suits. Additionally, he loves to engage his creative side by designing book covers and interiors for print or e-books.

Thomas loves working with authors of any genre, but he is especially enthusiastic about titles that are thought-provoking, educational, or present unique perspectives on time-tested ideas. He has also studied four different languages (Spanish, German, Ancient Greek, and Arabic), so projects that deal with aspects of cultures in which these languages are (were) spoken are of particular fascination. 

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